Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer main photo

Development Manager

As Development Manager, Steve is responsible for the evaluation and maturation of project development opportunities for SEEL; currently his primary focus is the progression of the Bacton Hydrogen project and supporting the development of SEEL’s energy transition activities.

Steve has worked in the energy sector for over 35 years with extensive experience in field development and project management gained within oil and gas and offshore wind farm developments in the UK and overseas which has included numerous developments within the UK SNS. His experience extends across the technical and commercial project delivery process from early feasibility work through to construction and start-up of operations, and includes brownfield modifications projects.

Steve has previously worked with a range of multi-national energy companies and small independents and consultants including Enterprize Energy, Premier, Eon, Offshore Design Engineering,Total/Fina and PPCo.

The projects and initiatives that are beginning the journey

Find out more about how SEEL are involved in a series of projects around the Bacton gas terminals in Norfolk. Learn more about the Baction Energy Hub, Bacton Hydrogen Hub (bH2) and Bacton Thames Net Zero (BTNZ) initiative and how future NSTA licensing rounds will create further opportunities.