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Value Chain Vision

The next generation of business

SEEL is a catalyst for effective collaboration in energy transition. As part of the Sumitomo Corporation, we have a full value chain vision and the drive to develop the partnerships that will create our net zero world.

The primary challenge of energy transition is vast; from a fossil fuel driven world, to a low-carbon global economy. The secondary challenge is the diversity of solutions, and their many potential consequences; economic, scientific, political, and environmental.

The world is only at the beginning of creating these solutions, and there is still much disunity and debate, with many parties clamouring for their voice to be heard, and their methods to be adopted, as “the best way”. Some of these voices are utopian and evangelistic. Some are pragmatic but accused of protection of vested interests. Some seek fast profits in an immature market.

We welcome conversations regarding future partnership opportunities.

Our doors are open to listening and understanding what you might bring to a collaboration with us. SEEL will be a regular presence at industry events, we hope to meet you there, or invite you to contact us directly.

Meet the SEEL team

Our experienced executive team harnesses many years of SEPL’s skills in subsurface, engineering, offshore, and renewables technologies.

Our Culture

Bringing the culture of Sumitomo Corporation to energy transition.