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Bringing the culture of Sumitomo Corporation to energy transition

SEEL is a 21st century business but rooted in the wisdom acquired from Sumitomo’s long history stretching back over 400 years, giving the business an unusually strong philosophy. An example of this is the Sumitomo credo of:

“Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same.”

This stems from the lessons learned in the 19th century when development of the Besshi Copper Mines brought prosperity, but also negative effects.

The rapid modernization of the copper mine led to deforestation of the surrounding mountains, and sulfur dioxide gas discharged from the smelting plant caused trees to die off and damaged crops. Based on the belief that doing nothing about the devastation of the Besshi mountains was against the moral principles governing the universe, Teigo Iba (1847–1926), the second Director General of Sumitomo, hired an expert engineer to start a reforestation project. This is the modern-day result.

Besshi Copper Mines before photo
Besshi Copper Mines after photo

The challenges of energy transition require the same guiding principles and SEEL is at the forefront of these endeavours.

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Full Value Chain Vision

In the medium-term SEEL will have a considered focus on new energy and decarbonisation projects, leveraging Sumitomo Corporation’s interest across a broad spectrum of low carbon technologies.


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