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Evolving the nature of collaboration in energy transition

Discover what partnership means to us

Summit Energy Evolution Ltd (SEEL) is a catalyst for effective collaboration in energy transition. We have a full value chain vision and the drive to develop the partnerships that will create our net zero world.

SEEL aims to be a key focal point for Sumitomo Corporation’s future interests in the development of hydrogen and other low carbon energy businesses, including CCUS, in the UK and beyond.

The projects and initiatives that are beginning the journey

Find out more about how SEEL are involved in a series of projects around the Bacton gas terminals in Norfolk. Learn more about the Bacton Energy Hub, Bacton Hydrogen Hub (bH2) and Bacton Thames Net Zero (BTNZ) initiative and how future NSTA licensing rounds will create further opportunities.

Full Value Chain Vision

In the medium-term SEEL will have a considered focus on new energy and decarbonisation projects, leveraging Sumitomo Corporation’s interest across a broad spectrum of low carbon technologies.

Meet the SEEL team

Our experienced executive team harnesses many years of SEPL’s skills in subsurface, engineering, offshore, and renewables technologies.