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A new focus for Sumitomo in sustainable energy

In June 2022 Sumitomo completed the targeted sale of Summit Exploration and Production Limited (SEPL) and therefore divesting all of its upstream oil and gas assets in the UK, ending over 30 years of upstream activity.  However, that's not where the story ends.

As part of a focussed strategy led by a desire to help build a sustainable energy future, a sister company was established, Summit Energy Evolution Ltd: SEEL. Leveraging the capability of the wider Sumitomo organisation, SEEL is a UK-based wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation which is committed to the development of strong partnerships to help deliver low carbon and net zero initiatives in the UK and beyond.

The next generation of Energy and Business

Sumitomo are firmly committed to a sustainable energy future based on low carbon and net zero initiatives across all our diverse activities, representing a full value chain vision from the local to global scale.

At SEEL we have a considered focus on new energy and decarbonisation projects, leveraging Sumitomo Corporation’s interest across a broad spectrum of low carbon technologies, including hydrogen and CCS, as well as looking for synergies with the capabilities of Sumitomo in the areas of, for example, equity and finance, renewables, infrastructure, and the supply chain; we are open-minded to creating partnerships in a range of opportunities that drive the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

SEEL’s chairman, John Austin, has this vision for our future.

“SEEL will take a leading role in the development of new Hydrogen Energy systems in the UK, including Bacton, and will become an important component of establishing new long-term sustainable low carbon energy businesses for its shareholder Sumitomo Corporation, in line with corporate directives to achieve net zero by 2050”

Meet the SEEL team

Our experienced executive team harnesses many years of SEPL’s skills in subsurface, engineering, offshore, and renewables technologies.

Our Culture

Bringing the culture of Sumitomo Corporation to energy transition.